Protection Visa

Protection Visa (Subclass 866)

We noticed that a lot of people try to apply for Protection visa (Subclass 866) without valid reasons as set out by the immigration.

So, actually who should apply for a Protection visa (subclass 866)?

You might be able to get a Protection visa (subclass 866) if all of the following apply:

  • you are claiming Australia’s protection
  • you meet one of the following criteria:
    • you are a refugee as defined by the Refugees Convention
    • you meet the Complementary Protection criteria in the Australian Migration Act 1958.
  • you are not barred from lodging a Protection visa application
  • the minister is satisfied that the grant of the visa is in the national interest.

People engage protection in Australia under complementary protection obligations if there is a real risk that if they return to their home country they will suffer any of the following types of significant harm:

  • arbitrary deprivation of life
  • the death penalty
  • torture
  • cruel or inhuman treatment or punishment
  • degrading treatment or punishment.

The immigration usually finalises 100% of onshore Protection visa (subclass 866) application within 100 days of lodgement.

Protection visa is not a way circumvent permanent stay in Australia.
Note that a visa rejection is NOT a good thing to have in your visa history if you intend to apply any other Australian visa, especially a student visa.

The most common way to apply for expression of interest for permanent residency in Australia is through studying. The study has to be at Bachelor or Master level, the nominated occupation has to be in the Skilled Occupation List at the time of lodgement of the expression of interest and the study has to meet the Australian Study Requirement. Note that there are other requirements to be met besides these 3 requirements.

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